Itinerant in Castilla La Mancha
9 June 2021 - 30 October 2021

VII Exhibition of Women in Art: AMALIA AVIA

Domestic landscapes: memories, absences and other realities

19 Women artists

🖼 Selected work no. 15 D.U. "Distancia a Marte" 

Mixed. Acrylic, fabric, paper and latex. 100x70 cm

  "In the search for a personal plastic language, Illana-Benito presents a horizontal landscape made up of mixed media with scraps of fabrics, acrylic, reused clothing and various papers. The work expresses the immensity of the plain through the arrangement of different stripes that are unfold in parallel throughout the painting. These lines build different chromaticisms and densities that allow the interplay of distances and lights present in the observation of the natural landscape to emerge. It is about the inhabited landscape as territory, an intimate emotional landscape in constant transformation, the one that is glimpsed daily, where the sun appears timidly and, at the top, a small red point represents Mars." 📖 Catalog VII Women in Art 2021

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