Artistic memory

The landscape as a reference and daily accompaniment. The immensity of the horizon, the nostalgia and the care. The Journey and search of a plastic language that leads me to the represent the emotional landscape in which I live. The landscape that I see from my studio–home and its infinite variations. I live in a small town, in front of a “mountain” and day by day I observe its constant evolution.

I start with an acrylic base that serves as a chromatic guidance that I cover with textiles, reused scraps, papers of different textures, graphic trimmings and latex. I am interested in the compositions where color is the protagonist and with it, light. I use Latex to bring tohether, cover and adhere the different layers. This material gives fabric a papery appearance and paper a cloth-like appearance. The ambiguity and unification of different materials brings me closer to an intimate and spiritual process of knowledge where calm is and calm is possible.